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Online Class - 8 January 2019

It’s a new year! Time to release the past and open up to all the possibilities of the year ahead.

Today's class comprises bends and twists that symbolically do that: release and open! The yoga nidra includes time to reflect on your sankalpa or resolution, and a double body rotation to completely relax the body and take you to that state of yoga nidra.

Maybe you’re using a guiding word instead of making new year resolutions. In that case, repeat your guiding word instead of your sankalpa.

If you’re coming onto the floor for this class, you’ll need a yoga strap or belt. If you don’t have a yoga strap, you can use a scarf or medium-width belt. I’ve used compression bandages, resistance bands and dog leads in the past!

More information:

Caution: See the Poses, Modifications, and Alternative Poses document, if you are new to yoga, pregnant or have the following conditions:
  • Back problems including osteoporosis of the spine
  • Other joint problems: neck, shoulders, and knees
  • High blood pressure and vertigo
  • Low blood pressure
  • Eye conditions

The class

Audio files

Part 1: The Physical Poses

Transcript (PDF 0.7MB)

Part 2: Yoga Nidra

Transcript (PDF 0.6MB)



The playlist above comprises two videos:


Summary of poses

  • Starting pose: Mountain or seated in chair
  • Upward salute
  • Squat (aka Chair pose)
  • Forward fold
  • Knocking on the door of life/Seated twist
  • Swaying palm tree
  • Monkey offers fruit
  • Kidney/hamstring stretch
  • Resting pose: Shavasana or seated in chair

Downloadable files

Following are the files related to this class, which can be downloaded:

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