Relaxation/Meditation Schedule

Following is the planned schedule for the guided relaxation/meditation session run on Mondays, 1:10pm at the Epping Community Centre.

A small number of yoga mats and blankets are provided. If you have your own mat, or meditation stool or cushion, feel free to bring it.

Note: The relaxation/meditation practice on a particular day can change from that scheduled.

Winter 2018

Date Practice Description
11 June No class due to the Queen's Birthday holiday
18, 25 June Winter Solstice meditation Guided meditation providing an opportunity to reflect on the year so far, and set an intention for the rest of the year.

Performed seated or laying down.

2, 9 July Waves of Peace Relaxation Focus: Synchronising movement with breath

Usually performed laying down but can be performed seated.

16, 23 July Whole body breathing Focus: Breath and body

Performed seated or laying down.

30 July, 6 August Antar mouna (Inner silence) Focus: Sensations and thoughts

Usually performed seated but can be performed laying down.

13, 20 August Ajapa japa (constant awareness) Focus: Body and breath

Usually performed seated but can be practised laying down.

27 August, 3 September LovingKindness meditation Focus: Developing feeling of goodwill, kindness and warmth towards yourself and others

Performed seated or laying down.

10 September Healing light Focus: Light moving through the body

Performed seated or laying down