Relaxation/Meditation Schedule

Following is the planned schedule for the guided relaxation/meditation session that is held on Mondays, 1:10pm at the Epping Community Centre.

A small number of yoga mats and blankets are provided. If you have your own mat, or meditation stool or cushion, feel free to bring it.

Note: The relaxation/meditation practice on a particular day can change from that scheduled.

Summer 2019

Date Practice Description
14, 21 January Yoga nidra (Yogic sleep) Focus: The teacher's instructions

Usually performed laying down but can be performed seated.

28 January No class due to Australia Day public holiday.
4, 11 February Spacious Mind Focus: Breath

Performed seated or laying down.

18 February No class because of Seniors Week classes at Macquarie Community College.

Join me for the free Seniors Yoga and Meditation classes at Macquarie Community College, 3:00-4:00pm or 4:00-5:00pm.
See Macquarie Community College website for details.

25 February, 4 March Body sensations and breath awareness Focus: Body sensations and breath

Performed seated or laying down.

11, 18 March Trataka (steady gazing) Focus: An object such as a candle or flower

Performed seated.

If you have an object that has special significance to you (eg. religious object), please bring it.