Relaxation/Meditation Schedule

Following is the planned schedule for the guided relaxation/meditation session run on Mondays, 1:10pm at the Epping Community Centre.

A small number of yoga mats and blankets are provided. If you have your own mat, or meditation stool or cushion, feel free to bring it.

Note: The relaxation/meditation practice on a particular day can change from that scheduled.

Spring 2018

Date Practice Description
17 December LovingKindness meditation Focus: Developing feeling of goodwill, kindness and warmth towards yourself and others

Performed seated or laying down.

Summer 2019

Date Practice Description
14, 21 January Yoga nidra (Yogic sleep) Focus: The teacher's instructions

Usually performed laying down but can be performed seated.

28 January No class due to Australia Day public holiday.
4, 11 February Spacious Mind Focus: Breath

Performed seated or laying down.

18, 25 February Body sensations and breath awareness Focus: Body sensations and breath

Performed seated or laying down.

4, 11 March Trataka (steady gazing) Focus: An object such as a candle or flower

Performed seated.

If you have an object that has special significance to you (eg. religious object), please bring it.

18 March Whole body breathing Focus: Breath and body

Performed seated or laying down.