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Which class is best for me?
In choosing a class consider your current fitness levels and what you want to achieve from doing yoga.

If you have problems getting down on the floor or you're recovering from a severe injury, the Seniors / Low Impact class would be appropriate.

If you're looking for a more meditative or relaxing class, consider a Yoga Relaxation class, which focuses on guided relaxation practices. The yoga classes focus on the physical practices, ending with breathing practices and a relaxation.

Which classes are suitable for beginners?
The beauty of yoga is that the practices can be adapted for everybody's requirements. All the classes are suitable for those who are new to yoga or have little experience.
Do I need to book for classes?
You need to book for the following classes:

You don't need to book for other classes but please come 10 minutes before the class starts to complete any administrative tasks, set yourself up and settle.

Do I need to wait for the new school term before I start?
The Yoga and Meditation classes run for eight weeks during the school terms. If the term has just started, you can contact Macquarie Community College to enroll for the current term. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the next school term.

Other classes are run throughout the year (including during school holidays) and you can start whenever you are ready. Check the schedule and class timetable to ensure your preferred class is running.

How much does the class cost?
The cost of general classes (that is, public classes) and private classes varies depending on the length of the class. The cost of private classes also depends on the number of participants.

As a guide, general classes are approximately $7 per half hour, and private classes for up to four people are $30 per half hour.

Level One Fitness classes and Macquarie Community College set the prices for their classes.

Detailed class prices

Do you accept credit card?
I don't have the facilities to accept credit card. Payments can be made using cash, cheque or via bank transfer.
How does the six-class pass work?
A class pass is relevant to a particular class and can't be used for other classes.

The class pass lets you purchase six classes at a lower rate. The pass is valid for two months so you have 8-9 weeks to attend six classes.

What does ‘by donation’ mean?
If the cost of a class or event is stated as ‘by donation’ thehe class is free but a small donation towards venue hire is appreciated. The donation is optional and can be placed in the labelled box, which is usually located outside the room or at the back of the room.

What type of yoga do you teach?
I teach a gentle, meditative form of yoga that focuses on developing mindfulness. In my classes, you'll experience elements of asana (postures and movements), pranayama (breathing practices), and relaxation/meditation.

You'll be encouraged to feel how your body responds to the practices and to try variations of poses to make poses comfortable for you.

Do you speak Chinese?

No. 🙁

I'm fourth-generation Australian-born Chinese and the only Cantonese I know are my favourite yum cha dishes and how to count to 100!