Information Options

When you subscribe or sign up to receive email updates from LaiLin Yoga, you can choose to receive the following information:

Monthly reminder about Tue evening relaxation classes
A monthly newsletter advising dates of the Tuesday evening classes.
Information on LaiLin Yoga's classes
An email whenever there are changes to the classes offered by LaiLin Yoga.

For example:

Information on LaiLin Yoga's online events
An email whenever an online event is offered by LaiLin Yoga, for example, guidance for the Queen's Birthday At-Home Retreat.
Information on yoga workshops, retreats and events
A newsletter sent 3-4 times a year about a selection of upcoming workshops, weekend retreats and other events, with the occasional letter regarding events run by LaiLin Yoga or my teachers. This information can also be found under Events on my website.
General news
Email regarding articles related to yoga and health, challenges, fund-raising events, and other news to share. This is kind of my catch-all for everything else!
Notifications about the classes I attend or used to attend
If you currently attend a class or used to attend a class, selecting this option means you receive information on the class. (eg. Reminders when classes are cancelled or another teacher is covering).

If you have never attended a class, you will not receive any notifications or reminders about current classes.

Still unsure of what options to select? Contact me!