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Note: The mailing list options were updated 8 March 2019. Please check your preferences to ensure that you're receiving the information you want.

When you subscribe or sign up to receive email updates from LaiLin Yoga, you can choose to receive one or both of the following:

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Options for regular emails

LaiLin Yoga news
Receive an email 3-4 times a year outlining what's happening at LaiLin Yoga, upcoming classes and events, musings, and things to ponder.
Monthly reminder about Tue evening relaxation classes
Receive a montly email advising the dates of the Tuesday Yoga Relaxation classes for the next month.

Options for notifications

Classes I attend or used to attend
Receive an email whenever there is a change to a class you currently attend or used to attend. Examples of notifications are class cancellation due to illness and advising of substitute teacher.

Identify which classes you want to receive notifications for by selecting them in the Which classes do/did you attend? section.

Changes to LaiLin Yoga classes
Receive an email whenever there are changes to the classes offered by LaiLin Yoga. For example, new classes offered or changes to times.
LaiLin Yoga retreats, workshops and events
Receive an email whenever an event is offered by LaiLin Yoga. This includes online events like the guidance for the Queen's Birthday At-Home Retreat.
Other teachers' retreats, workshops and events
Receive an email 3-4 times a year about a selection of upcoming workshops, weekend retreats and other events offered by my teachers, and notifications of events that arise between these regular emails. This information can also be found under Events on my website.