The 12 Days of Yoga

Day 9 - Balanced Body

Balance does not mean merely balancing the body. Balance is the foundation for balance in life. ... Balance is the state of the present – the here and now.
— B.K.S.Iyengar

Physical balances help to develop strength and mental focus. Today's session comprise two standing balances and a seated balance. The seated balance, in particular, can be quite strong so please check the poses document and familiarise yourself with the modifications and alternatives.

Caution: See the Poses, Modifications, and Alternative Poses document, if you are new to yoga, are pregnant or have the following conditions:
  • Back problems including osteoporosis
  • Neck problems
  • High blood pressure, vertigo
  • Heart conditions
  • Shoulder problems
  • Abdominal problems
  • Balance problems

The session

Transcript (PDF 0.6MB)
Audio file (MP3 8.5MB)

Summary of poses

  • Tandem or semi-tandem balance
  • Tree
  • Boat
  • Counter pose: Back massage or seated cat
  • Rest pose: Shavasana or seated in chair

Poses, Modifications, and Alternative Poses (PDF 1.5 MB)

Download session

The following compressed file contains all the files related to Day 9.

Day 9 - Balanced Body files (ZIP 10.2MB)