The 12 Days of Yoga

Day 7 - Greet the New Year - Standing and Floor session

Start the new year with a dynamic sun salutation. Let's get the body moving, the heart pumping, and start the new year on a high!

There are two versions of this session. This page contains the files related to a standing and floor session. If you prefer to use a chair, see Day 7 - Greet the New Year - Standing and Chair Session.

Caution: See the Poses, Modifications, and Alternative Poses document, if you are new to yoga, pregnant or have the following conditions:
  • Back problems including osteoporosis of the spine
  • Knee problems
  • Abdominal problems
  • Wrist, shoulder and neck problems
  • High blood pressure, low blood pressure, and vertigo

The session

This session contains two audio files:

  • The first audio file guides you through one round of the sun salutation: half a round slow and meditative, the second half slightly quicker.
  • The second audio file is for those who are familiar with the poses. Key actions or poses are named to guide you through three quick rounds of the sun salutation.

Greet the New Year

Transcript (PDF 0.6MB)
Audio file (MP3 7.5MB)

Sun salutation rounds

Transcript (PDF 0.5MB)
Audio file (MP3 3.1MB)

Summary of Poses

  • Starting position: Mountain
  • Positions 1 & 12: Prayer pose
  • Positions 2 & 11: Upward salute
  • Positions 3 & 10: Standing forward bend
  • Positions 4 & 9: Low lunge
  • Positions 5 & 8: Downward-facing dog
  • Positions 6: Caterpillar
  • Positions 7: Cobra
  • Rest position: Shavasana

Poses, Modifications, and Alternative Poses (PDF 1.8MB)