The 12 Days of Yoga

Day 6 - Be Still on the Floor

As the year draws to an end, take the opportunity to be still, relax and reflect.

For this session, you'll need cushions, blankets, bolsters, blocks ... anything you can use to support the body and let yourself relax.

There are two versions of this session. This page contains the files related to a floor session. If you prefer to use a chair, see Day 6 - Be Still on the Chair.

Caution: See the Poses, Modifications, and Alternative Poses document, if you are new to yoga, pregnant or have the following conditions:
  • Back problems including sciatica and osteoporosis of the spine
  • Knee and hip problems
  • Abdominal problems
  • Neck problems

The session

This session contains two audio files: one with verbal instructions accompanied by music, the other with verbal instructions only.

Verbal instructions with music

Verbal instructions only

Audio files and transcript

Transcript (PDF 0.6MB)
Audio file with music (MP3 10.3MB)
Audio file without music (MP3 10.2MB)

Summary of Poses

  • Cobbler forward bend
  • Revolved head-to-knee pose
  • Supported chest stretch
  • Supported bridge
  • Shavasana