The 12 Days of Yoga

It was curiosity that led me to develop The 12 Days of Yoga.

I was wondering why I always ‘needed’ to set up the Christmas tree around the 12th December (12 days before Christmas) and bring it down around the 6th January (12 days after). What was the significance of 12, and how did it relate to the Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas?

Reflecting on my secular childhood it seems that these dates were more due to circumstance than tradition: 12th December was about the time school broke up for the holidays and 6th January was when we usually returned from one of our family trips. However, a web search revealed that the Twelve Days of Christmas is an important time in the Christian calendar, starting with Christmas Day and culminating in the feast of the Epiphany on 6th January.

The twelve days were a time of celebration and reflection. Some who observe the 12 days give gifts each day as reflected in the Christmas carol. And that is the inspiration for The 12 Days of Yoga - a gift of 12 days of gentle practices to celebrate your body, reflect on the past year, and prepare for the next.

The 12 Days of Yoga event

Subscribe to The 12 Days of Yoga and, from Boxing Day, receive 12 daily emails with links to a guided yoga session. Sessions range in length from 5-20 minutes.

Experience different yoga practices:

  • Asana - poses and sequences to move and stretch the body
  • Pranayama - breathing techniques to calm and relax you
  • Meditation and relaxation practices to relax the body and to help calm and focus the mind

If I subscribe, what will I receive
Each email will provide links to an audio file and, if needed, a document showing the poses anad describing adjustments or alternative poses for different health conditions.

Why an audio file? Listening to an audio file lets you develop a deeper awareness of your own body. You can close your eyes and not worry about what the teacher or other people are doing!

Will these sessions be OK for me?

Important: If you have any concerns about your fitness for doing yoga, consult your general practitioner or health specialist.

These sessions includes poses that flex and twist the spine, bring the head below the heart (eg. a standing forward bend), and work the core muscles in the abdomen and back.

The sessions have been developed for people with differing levels of yoga experience, and differing levels of fitness. There are sessions for those who feel comfortable coming down onto the floor and those who prefer to use a chair. There are options for those who want to try something stronger.

Remember to work within the capabilities of your body. Don't push or strain. If you feel tired, stop and rest. If you feel any pain, stop immediately! That's your body telling you you've gone too far.

In the audio files I'm unable to communicate all the modifications and alternative poses for different health conditions. Refer to the accompanying documents to determine whether a practice is suitable for you.

Monday 26 December to Friday 6 January
This is an online event.
Where do I join?
Subcribe now at

Note: The URL is case sensitive.

I hope you can join me and I'll ‘see’ you on the mat (or chair) come Boxing Day!

Social media * Update 29 Dec *

I have set up a public event on FaceBook for people to share comments and queries. Please remember anything that you post there is public.

I'm using #12DaysOfYoga to tag my social media even though other instructors have also used this hash tag for similar events.