Visit to Mangrove Yoga Ashram

Have you ever wondered what staying in an ashram is like? Would you like to attend a retreat but are a little unsure about the ashram environment.

Join me on a visit to the Satyananda Yoga ashram at Mangrove Mountain and participate in their regular programs.

Saturday 25 October, 10:30am-8:00pm
Proposed schedule
We leave Epping around 10:30am for Mangrove Mountain and arrive about 12 noon.

Lunch, afternoon, and dinner are provided.

You can choose to participate in the regular programs (see daily timetable) or spend time browsing through the shop (open 1:00-2:00pm), visiting the reading room or library, walking in the bush or along Mangrove Creek, or relaxing in the grounds.

We leave at 6:30pm after dinner and arrive back in Epping around 8:00pm.

Note: The evening program runs from 7:15-8:15pm. If you are interested in attending the evening program, you can do so at no additional cost but will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the ashram.

$50 per person
Bookings must be finalised and paid by Wednesday 22 October.
The number of bookings is limited by the number of drivers we have, so if you are willing to be a driver and take some passengers, please advise.

For more details and bookings, contact LaiLin Yoga.