Shavasana in September 2015

Can you spend five minutes a day in shavasana every day in September?

Shavasana (or savasana) is that 'laying down' yoga pose. It is a pose that allows both the mind and body to relax. It might seem simple but it can be one of the most difficult poses to do.

So why not join me and Quila (my fur kid) for our third year of Shavasana in September. Take the opportunity to be still for five minutes a day and re-focus for the Southern Spring or slow down for the Northern Winter.


This year, the challenge comprises:

Shavasana challenge

  • Each day in September, get into shavasana and stay there for at least five minutes. Feel free to stay there longer.

Caution: Do not perform shavasana if you are uncomfortable laying on your back, or you are pregnant and approaching or in your third trimester. For modifications and alternative poses, see Shavasana - The Pose, Alternatives and Modifications. If laying down in uncomfortable for you then choose a comfortable seated position either on the floor or in a chair.

  • If you miss a day, make up for it the following day by doing an additional session or a longer session.
  • Aim to practice at least four days a week.

Frequent and regular sessions are key to experiencing the benefits of this practice. So consider a session that is longer than 15 minutes to be equivalent to 3 days' practice.

(This rule was inspired by Brother who, in 2013, tried to do one 35-minute session a week to meet the 5 minutes a day requirement)

  • Minutes laying in shavasana for a class relaxation can be counted.
  • Minutes laying in bed before getting up or going to sleep do not count.

The idea is to have a distinct break, a period where you consciously stop and relax.

Photo challenge

The photo challenge is completely optional.

Take a photo of your day. If you need some inspiration use the list of prompts provided to help you explore the world around you. The prompts can be interpreted in any way that you wish and you can photograph as often or as little as you like.

Following are the daily prompts for the Shavasana in September photo challenge:

  1. Shavasana
  2. Peace
  3. Soothing sounds
  4. Feeling good
  5. When I close my eyes
  6. My special spot
  7. Focus
  8. Opposites
  9. Treat
  10. Time out
  11. Affirmation
  12. Nature
  13. Renewal
  14. Stillness
  15. When I open my eyes
  16. My day
  17. Favourite pastime
  18. Absence
  19. Vitality
  20. Relax
  21. A moment in time
  22. Silence
  23. Thoughts
  24. Looking up
  25. Breathe
  26. Change
  27. Solitude
  28. Quirky
  29. Colours
  30. September

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