What will I receive when I subscribe to the newsletter?

When you subscribe to the newsletter through the form on this website, you'll receive:

  • A quarterly email with news from LaiLin Yoga about what’s happening and links to articles and other items of interest.

  • A quarterly email about a selection of the upcoming workshops, weekend retreats and other events, and the occasional email related to LaiLin Yoga or other teachers' and studios’ events.

  • Emails about new, changed or cancelled LaiLin Yoga classes.

You can update these options at any time by clicking the manage your preferences button on the page confirming your subscription, or by clicking the Update your preferences links in the emails sent to you.

The Subscription Process

  1. In the Subscribe to Newsletter form, type your email address and your first name, and then click Subscribe.

    An email is sent to you to confirm your request.

  2. Go to your Inbox and click the link in the email.

    A webpage confirming your subscription is displayed.

  3. Click manage your preferences.

    The Update your preferences page is displayed.

  4. Confirm and update the information that you want to receive, and then click Update profile.

    More about information options